Candidate of New Student

There are two students’ registration path of Arabic Language Education Faculty of Language Education Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (PBA UMY). Those are test and non test path. For non test path registration there are Admission Based on Interest and Abilities (PMDK), Admission Based on Student’s Achievement (PMB), Penerimaan Bibit Unggul Persyarikatan (PBUP), Admission Based on National Exam (PNUAN), and Non Test Scholarship provided by university. For test registration path, UMY provides two kind of test there are; Paper-based (PBT) and Computer-based Test (CBT).

To support the students financially as long as the term of study, UMY provides scholarship for students who have achievement in academic and non academic. Those scholarship program are Scholarship of Hafizh Muhammadiyah UMY (Hafizh), Scholarship of Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah (KAUM) and Scholarship of Prestasi Unggulan UMY (BPU).

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